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 Useful Links from Curriculum (edited)

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PostSubject: Useful Links from Curriculum (edited)   Mon Aug 24, 2009 11:31 am

For those students interested in furthering their knowledge of photography, I have compiled a list of books, magazines, Internet websites for technical references and professional organizations that you might wish to join.

Here are some other book titles that might interest you all available at
History of Black Photographers by Deborah Willis, WW Norton & Co., 2000
A History of Women Photographers by Naomi Rosenblum, Ableville Press, 1994
Ansel Adams at 100 by John Szarkowski, 2000

There is a series called: “Masters of Photography” (also available at that highlights the career of famous photographers.

The Photographer’s Market (updated each year). This is a great resource book if you are interested in selling your photographs. It gives you a listing of the publications, greeting card/calendar products, stock photo agencies, advertising agencies and galleries that buy photograph. They also list professional organizations that you might want to join.

There are 2 magazines that I recommend because they have good, practical articles in them and the photographs usually have no “boudoir” type of photos in them.

Peterson’s PhotoGraphic is an excellent magazine for all types of photography, both film and digital. It gives technical instruction, evaluates new equipment and has a good advertising section for camera equipment, accessories, and professional instruction like workshops and travel tours. Each month, there is a photo contest (winning photos get published in the magazines) and a “Point & Shoot Self-Assignments” which pay $25 per photo published---2 activities to give you shooting ideas for practicing photography. Every year, the magazine comes out with “The Big Book of Photography”---loaded with
instructions on taking film and digital photographs---and a yearly “Buyer’s Guide” that has a wealth of information on new camera gear and accessories. is their website.

Outdoor Photographer is the other magazine I recommend if you are interested in Nature Photography. The magazine has lots of technical tips, not only for photographing, but the rest of your outfit, like clothes and equipment accessories. The advertisers also include workshops, schools and travel tours. is their website.

INTERNET WEBSITES is the website for “Brooks Institute” in Santa Barbara, an excellent technical college for all types of graphic arts. is a website dedicated exclusively to digital photography and will give you more in-depth knowledge about how digital cameras work and using photo imaging programs.

If you decide to become a professional photographer, it is a good idea to become a member of a professional photographer organization. Not only do they have educational tips but they also have other bonuses like insurance discounts, buying discounts, and most importantly, networking with other photographers.

One such organization is the Professional Photographers of America. Their website is


ISTOCK PHOTO AGENCY to advertise & sell your photos:
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Useful Links from Curriculum (edited)
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