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 Photojournalism Layout Tips (from curriculum)

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PostSubject: Photojournalism Layout Tips (from curriculum)   Mon Aug 24, 2009 11:34 am

Usually the headlines and text are in the same type font unless you want to stand out or draw attention with some unusual font. Captions can be in the same type font or different.


• The pictures on the outside edge face to the center. The inside pictures either face the center or look forward.
• Do not overlap the pictures. There should be a space between pictures and between the caption and the pictures they describe.
• Notice that the captions line up with the edges of the pictures and don’t go beyond the picture they describe.
• Captions can be very simple, factual or funny. However, captions should not make fun of people or put them down.
• If you have a picture which crosses the centerfold, make sure that your main subject does not have the fold running through its face or body.
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Photojournalism Layout Tips (from curriculum)
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